About Us

ssssWe are one of the world's leading contributors to policing excellence. We provide a bespoke developmental training, workshops, distance learning professional diploma courses in Security Studies, Intelligence Gathering and Police Studies coupled with consultancy service aimed at improving public safety, trust and confidence. We are supported by professionals who are policing experts.

Our clients include the following organisations: all the 43 Police Constabularies in England and Wales including City of London Police; National Policing Improvement Agency, UK; National Crime Squad; Serious Organised Crime Agency, UK; Judicial Appointment Commission; Interpol; European Police College; Corporation of City of London; Nigeria Police Force and so on.

Our products and pricing are widely acclaimed by many government and private law enforcement agencies as best value for money. Our developmental, leadership, operational and anti-terrorism courses are designed to enrich and empower individuals' personal and professional growth. At PCoE we are culturally and environmentally sensitive to the needs of each and every organisation we work with. Our diverse pool of internationally acclaimed associates who understands the local culture/customs and its impact on policing is one of our greatest assets.

We are enriched with progressive ideas and insights into how any policing or law enforcement agency can improve their efficiency level to meet the challenges of the 21st century policing. Our corporate philosophy is based upon a commitment to build capacity and resilience in law enforcement agencies around the globe.


We provide management and operational advice and facilitate developmental training, offer diplomas in specialist areas, workshops, executive coaching for police and law enforcement organisations in all regions of the world.

Our associates most of whom are experienced law enforcement executives with many years of professional practice to draw upon; conducts need analysis for each one of our clients; discuss the prevailing circumstances before setting out the means of resolving the challenges with practical solutions. In some cases, viable solutions are discovered during the investigatory or problem identification stage.

At PCoE we believe that every policing situation is different and therefore requires a tailored solution. Our approach is built around consulting and empowering local decision makers.

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