There are some standard courses that we offer which may be of value to your organisation. The duration of these courses varies from one day to four weeks. Once an individual or an organisation expresses interest, a course schedule and program will be sent to the prospective delegates or individuals procuring our services. These courses/workshops are based on best practices developed in the field with full consideration for different users. All the courses are designed by law enforcement practitioners and anti terrorist experts, and reviewed by independent educational professionals.

The fact that we can also deliver a localised course to meet your particular needs, giving consideration to your environment and other prevailing conditions makes PCoE the right choice for the most discerning police and law enforcement organisations.

To Book a Course

Please indicate your developmental need in the Contact Us section and we shall contact you to discuss the way forward.

PCoE Courses

  • Anti Terrorist Courses
  • Approaches To Critical Incident Management
  • Approaches To Health and Safety
  • Citizen Focus Policing Workshop
  • Community Impact Assessment Workshop
  • Crisis Management Strategies
  • Critical Report Writing Workshop
  • Effective Community Liaison Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Equalities, Diversity and Human Rights Training
  • How To Develop Progressive Partnership
  • Human Resources Management Workshop
  • Human Rights Training
  • Independent Advisory Group Developmental Training/Workshop
  • Insights Into Successful Leadership Techniques
  • Intelligence Led Communication
  • Intelligence Led Management Workshop
  • Leadership Development Workshop
  • Leading Change And Organisational Renewal
  • Managing Differences Workshop
  • Managing Flexible Working Arrangement Workshop
  • Media Relations Training
  • Neighbourhood Policing
  • Operation Planning Training
  • Performance Management Workshop
  • Policing Diverse Society Workshop
  • Policing Ethics
  • Policy Development Training
  • Rescue and Evacuation Procedures
  • Understanding Different Supervision Methods
  • Understanding Your Communities
  • Women Leadership Empowerment Courses