At PCoE, our greatest asset is our people. We have a number of in house policing experts and over sixty associates who are leaders in the policing field and other human endeavours. Our lecturers and research team comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge that makes it possible for us to provide you with probably the best policing support and educational development imaginable to meet your personal and organisational need.

The director of PCoE, Professor Olu Ogunsakin has a PhD in Police Studies from University of Exeter, UK, Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development from University of Detroit Michigan, USA and Diploma in Mediation from University of Toronto, Canada. He has contributed to major policing forums and to reforms within and outside the UK. Professor Ogunsakin has worked with the Home Office Specialist Support Unit responsible for assisting Police officers in UK, as a Syndicate Director on the Strategic Command Course, (Bramshill) National Policing Improvement Agency's flagship course that prepares future Chief Officers in England, Wales and Scotland. He has lectured at several major police training institutions across the world, including Interpol and continues to be in high demand as one of the leading experts in Policing in the UK.

Professor Ogunsakin was appointed as the Senior Advisor by the City of London Police in 2001 and also as the Advisor to the Police Authority. In 2010, he was honoured by the British Government for his contribution to social development in UK. According to the former Commissioner to the City of London Police, Mr Perry Nove:

"Prof. Ogunsakin's commitment, his personal style and his ability to introduce difficult and sensitive issues to personnel in all roles in the organization, and to positively influence those individuals is particularly impressive".